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Discovery Series | Dayton Live
Dayton Live Presents

Discovery Series

We believe arts education is an essential component of every student’s academic journey, and this season is full of exciting opportunities in three different theatre spaces for you and your students! Each Discovery Series production has been carefully selected to enhance Ohio Learning Standards throughout multiple subject areas. For many years, studies have shown that arts have a real impact on a student’s reading and language skills, mathematics skills, thinking skills, social skills, and motivation to learn. By adding a Discovery Series experience to your academic calendar, you will be inspiring new pathways for achievement both inside and outside of the classroom.

Gary Minyard

Vice President – Education & Engagement
937-228-7591, ext. 3034

Resource Guides

Our free, downloadable online resource guides for each production are full of practical information and grade-specific activities for you and your students. Resource guides contain a synopsis, production notes, and before-and-after activities. You can find a link to a specific show’s Resource Guide on the show’s page or in our Resource Guide library.

Stay For Lunch!

If you have students who would like to eat their lunches after the show at our facility, we have several studio spaces that can be reserved just for you! Call 937-228-7591, ext. 3039 to arrange a reservation.

Group Master Classes

We have created a variety of exciting educational Group Master Classes for you and your students that are available all year long! Group Master Classes can be booked on the same day that you see a performance or another day throughout the school year.

From Our Arts Education Partners

Did you know the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance has launched Arts Explorer Streams? These streaming events provide free, virtual arts education programming in three areas – orchestral music, opera, and ballet. Every program features lessons, activity ideas, performances, and more! Get started exploring today and check back often because additional content will be added throughout the school year. Public, private, and home educators can register for free to access everything here!

Discovery Series | Dayton Live

Events In This Series

Black Violin
2020-2021 Season

Discovery Virtual Field Trip: Black Violin Streaming

Feb 1 - Mar 14, 2021

Black Violin enters the student virtual space with an all new, high energy, performance that takes their unique blend of classical music, hip-hop, jazz and pop to new heights. Embedded in the performance is a message for students and educators about challenging stereotypes and status quo conventions, and that pathways to success require commitment, practice and unwavering dedication.