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Kids and teens sitting on the floor at the PNC Arts Annex

Discovery Workshops

Add a Discovery Workshop to your field trip! Each workshop can be customized to suit your classroom needs, and we can even come to you! Call Carolyn Seymour at 937-637-8267 to book your workshop today.

Creating Theatre Masks: Your Inner Character

How do performers use their imaginations to bring characters to life? To make their performances believable, actors use three tools: the voice, the body, and the imagination. In this workshop, students will use these three tools to “get into character” and embark on a character adventure.

Creation Corner: Your Imagination On Stage

Join us for an unforgettable experience where students discover the joy of character development and performance. During this workshop, participants learn how to develop interesting backstories and character traits, how to embody different modes of physicality, and how to bring a character to life through performance. Students will explore a range of techniques, from writing exercises to improv games, that will help them unleash their imagination and bring those characters to life.

Poetry In Motion

This workshop combines the art of poetry and spoken word with the performing arts! Students will be guided through a creative process to write their own poetry – and then bring it to life! Finding inspiration in the world around you is key as students combine their own creative writing with bringing those words to life. This workshop is best for students in grades 3-8.

The Creative Method: Where Science Meets Storytelling

Do you love writing stories and want to learn how to use the scientific method to make them even better? Then this workshop is for you! This fun and exciting workshop combines the art of storytelling with the scientific method. Students will learn how to approach writing scientifically by developing a hypothesis, testing it through experimentation, and analyzing the results to refine their writing. Let’s explore together the creative possibilities of science and storytelling!

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Carolyn Seymour

Manager – Education & Engagement

Kids and teens sitting on the floor at the PNC Arts Annex

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