Community Spotlight Program

The Community Spotlight Program at the PNC Arts Annex supports under-resourced community groups, musicians, poets, performing arts companies, and other organizations by providing a state-of-the-art venue for them to share their artistry, voice, and message at little or no cost to them.

Dayton Live opened the PNC Arts Annex in 2018 as a space to bring our community together for a variety of unique and powerful experiences. Despite reducing the costs of holding an event at the PNC Arts Annex for non-profit organizations, many simply did not have the financial resources to commit to utilizing this, or other venues.

The Community Spotlight Program at the PNC Arts Annex provides:

  • Significantly reduced/free rental rates for both performance and rehearsal space in the PNC Arts Annex.
  • Training for and use of in-house theatrical equipment.
  • Subsidized ticketing services.
  • Subsidized house management for performances.
  • Presence on the website.
  • Staff support and consultation for events.

Please note, Dayton Live will not cover IATSE labor or catering expenses.


Organizations, artists, and other individuals interested in the Community Spotlight Program must be able to demonstrate their financial need to Dayton Live. By completing the online interest form, as well as follow up conversations, documents, and other details, Dayton Live will determine if the applicant qualifies for the Community Spotlight Program.

After that determination is made, Dayton Live will review the events calendar to see if the PNC Arts Annex is available during the desired time frame. Once a date(s) is agreed upon, the Community Spotlight Program participant will be issued an official estimate that outlines the event, costs, and other information.

Community Spotlight Program participants must secure insurance to utilize the venue. Once insurance is obtained, and the estimate agreed to, an official contract will be created and signed by Dayton Live and the Community Spotlight Program participant.


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Gary Minyard

Chief Creative Officer

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