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Annual Fund – Individual Support

These trying times are ones we will never forget. With your help, Dayton Live has persevered with tenacity, imagination, and endurance. The Dayton Live Annual Fund is your opportunity to make an immediate impact in our community as the region’s home for arts, culture and entertainment. Our impact is your impact!

Dayton Live donor benefits include exclusive presale opportunities, preshow donor receptions, complimentary parking and much more! Click here for a complete list of donor benefits.

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Andrew Baker

Manager – Development
937-228-7591, ext. 3018

Donate via mail:
Dayton Live
Attn: Development
138 North Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

A performer stands on stage in front of a full house at the Schuster Center

President’s Circle Donors


($10,000 and above)

Charles D. Berry Foundation
Donald M. and Dorthea Hunt Spindler Endowment Fund
Hampden W. Catterton and Erma R. Catterton Fund
Steve and Kate Hone
Kettering Family Philanthropies
Lockwood Family Trust
Lou and Steven Mason
Ohio Arts Council
Richard and Jane Schwartz
The Schiewetz Foundation
Diane Tobey
The Wyse Family Foundation
Everett C. and Margie Mack Yowell Endowment Fund



Steve and Molly Cobb



Dayton Dragons
Lance and Laura Fletcher
Robert and Betty Fritschie
Henry and Ruth Hoefer
Lenore B. Talbot Thomas Memorial Fund
Robert E. Browning Fund
Betsy B Whitney



Benevity Community Impact Fund
Thomas and Barbara Bettcher
Catherine French Bieser
John Davis
Dorothy M. Herbst Fund
John and Elizabeth Ey
Janet and Donald Grieshop
Kirby and Rita Heritage
Ms. Heni Koenigsberg
Wendy and Vincent Lewis
Dale and Karen Medford
Kenneth and Nancy Quinter
Dominick and Peg Rinaldi
Robert Young and Melissa Riffle-Young



Gary and Rachel Auman
Joseph and Maryann Bausman
Charles and Claudia Cornett
David and Stephanie Dickerson
Robert and Donna Duplain
Minott Gaillard
Susan Gendron
Ms. Sammye Jane Harrison
Irvin Gruen Bieser Fund
Eric and Lela Marcus
Marla Schuster Nissan
Edward and Frances O’Shaughnessy
Mr. Edward M. O’Shaughnessy, Jr.
William and Ann Schuerman
Richard and Jacqueline Siefring
William and Cynthia Uhl
Norman and Mary Rita Weissman
Darden and Debbie Whitaker

Patron Level Donors

Stage Manager

($750 and $1,499)

Jane Baker
Samantha Bernard
Clarence and Judith Bittner
Cal and Nancy Busch
Robert and Donna Curry
Delphin T. and Marilyn K. Shannon
Laura Enzbrenner
Thomas J and Nancy Gaudion
Carol Graff
Jonas and Susan Gruenberg
Thomas and Sarah Haydon
Ms. Karen Henninger
Larry and Susan Hodapp
Keith and Claire Hoffman
William and Sally Lincoln
Charles S. and Louise Maher
Kevin and Mary McDonald
John and Anna Monnett
Mrs. Judith Payne
Karen Pittman
Mr. Ed Purvis
Bernard and Carole Rabinowitz
John and Tanya Rhodes
Linda L Roth
Martha and Mark Shaker
Ms. Beth Weisberger
Mark and Kim White
William and Carolyn Winger
Randy and Susan Woods



Joshua Adams
Ms. Brenda D. Arnett
Sharyn & Gary Bambauer
Dwight and Marsha Bartlett
Miss Martha L. Bell
Gretchen Brafford
James and Beverly Broestl
Mr. Frank Brooks
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Caccamo
Larry and Donna Campbell
David and Amy Carter
Anastasia Christopher
Mr. Richard E Considine
Robert and Sandra Cornell
Richard and Rebecca Courtney
Mr. Robert Greggory Cross
Erin Davis
Susan B. Davis
David DeSantis
William Devenzio
Jeannine Duncan
David and Kathleen Elliott
Frank & Grace Fasano
Mr. Richard E. Feldmann
Mr. Charles Fenstermaker
James and Leatha Ferncez
Charles and Linda Fieger
Michael and Karen Fitzharris
Daniel and Margaret French
Mrs. Lura B. Gabriele
Robert and Beverley Gardner
GBU Financial Life
Mr. S. Bradley Gillaugh
David and Lynn Goldenberg
Mrs. Janet A. Grieshop
Lisa Hanauer and Sue Spiegel
Zoe Hittner
Kevin and Sandra Hyde
Mr. Kevin Hyde
Leslie Hyll and Edmund Cordray
Timothy R. Ippisch
Mr. Michael Kerr
Laurence and Marilyn Klaben
Ms. Debbie Klein
Richard and Catherine LeSourd
Mr. James J. Longley
Mr. Tom Maher
Debra Mallonee
Curt Marshall
Joseph A. Matsko
Mary and Roger McClure
Ronald McCray and Edgar Lawrence
Shannon Mccroskey
Judith Mcgregor
John and Kathleen McKeon
Mrs. Marlene McLefresh
Travis and Shannon Michalak
Robert Moore
Mary Lynn Naughton
Mr. Charles and Michelle R. Norman
Rick and Cheri Ohmer
Ms. Linda M. Orr
Jerry O’Ryan
Kenneth and Marianne Pugar
Mr. George H. Rich
Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc
Greg and Jamie Robinson
Ronald and Jean Rockafellow
Ms. Colleen Ryan
Jonathan and Bambi Saxe
Ms. Debra J. Serie
Mr. Mark Shepard
Robert and Connie Shoenfelt
Ms. Kimberly Skelding
Thomas and Sharon Skelley
Bradley and Beverly Smith
Matthew Smith
Mr. Richard Smythe
Bernice and William Stephen
Dan and Phyllis Strayer
Ty Sutton
Thomas E. Maher Sr. Memorial Fund
Pete and Julie Thompson
Walter Uhlenhake
Sarah Van Nostrand
Mrs. Marla M. Vichich
Charles and Barbara Voelker
Richard and Nancy Vogel
Chris and Bonney Walther
Larry and Linda Welin
Ms. Peg Weller
Tony and Karen Wendeln
Dr. William C. M. Wilson
William C. M. Wilson
Thomas and Debra Winstel
Donald and Ann Wolf
Brian and Sandra Woodruff
David Wrazen



Ms. Helen H. Abramovitz
Thomas and Lisa Alvetro-Rossman
Doug and Sue Amlin
Ms. Shirley K. Ark
Kim Baals
James and Vicki Back
Carol and Michael Baer
Kenneth and Judith Bailey
William and Marilee Baird
Joni Baldwin
Mr. Henry Baust
Michael and Virginia Beamish
Lisa Becker
Skip Becker
Mike & Val Beerbower
Michele Bendik
Mr. Steven Bergstresser
David and Maria Berry
Donald and Lu Ann Berry
Dr. Marlene K. Bireley, Ph.D.
Mrs. Nelda W. Blake
Allen and Gail Blincoe
Arthur and Nancy Boll
Rosalie Bonacci-roberts
Sue Borchers
Mrs. Peggy Bowers
Jeffrey Bowling
John & BJ Bowling
Daryl Boyd
Linda Bracken
Chuck and Sue Brackenhoff
Dale Briggs
Ms. Lorean T. Brown
Lucinda M. Brown
Keith and Pamela Browning
David Bruno and Margaret Conditt
John and Carol Bucklew
Ms. Bonnie Buddendeck
Mr. Randolph Byrd
Patricia Caldwell
Walter and Anna Cardenas
Ms. Nancy Christiansen
Mr. Bruce Clapp
Dr. Jerry Clark
Allen J. Cochran
Gene and Mary Jane Cole
Dr. Florence Coleman
Sue and Michael Creech
Diane Cummins
Mr. Richard Dailey
Ray Daley
Bryan and Susan Daly
Ms. Saundra Delaura
Helen A. Demers
Diane Dille
Mr. Ireland Dowdy
Ms. Beatrice Downey
Barbara and Steve Dunaway
Kate Dungan
John & Kathy Dunn
Karen Durbin
Charles Ebersole
Ms. Carol Echols
Louis and Susan Eckert
Cynthia Edwards
Melvin and Sondra Elliott
Richard Lee Emrick
Mr. Frank Enscoe
Nan Erbaugh
Marge Etson
Mr. Lee Falke
Robert and Dianne Fennell
Kamala Ferris
Christine Findlay
Mr. Theodore Fink
Rachel Fisk
John & Linnea Flach
Joe Flanagan
Mrs. Barbara Fletcher
Stuart Ford
Lawrence Forsythe
Melissa Fowler
Mr. Frank Samuel Fox
John and Julia Frantz
Mr. William Frapwell
Diane Freed
Thomas and Grace Frericks
Ms. Connie Friend
Gary Froelich
Tuck and Pauline Fuller
Mrs. Marlea Gaskins
James and Patricia Gay
Mindy Gearhardt
Eric Geiman
Mr. James Gerding
Gershow Family Fund
Kate Glover
Michael and Rochelle Goldstein
James and Barbara Gorman
William Gorman
Vicki Graf
Mr. Thomas Gray
Mrs. Marilyn R Greenrose
Peter and Carol Greis
Michael Griest
Dennis and Constance Grosjean
Genevieve Groves
Dr. Ronald Hale
Dan A and Doris Hall
Kris Hall
Mr. Jason Hamen
Michael Hamm
Dorothy and Thomas Hampshire
Mr. David Handlir
Mr. Steve Harman
Mr. Scott Harris
Thomas and Sarah Haydon
Dorri A Hegyi
Rena Herzer
Greg & Mindy Hoffbauer
Michael and Peggy Holt
Mrs. Luanne Holzapfel
Nancy D Hoover
Bruce and Susan Howorth
Daniel and Nancy Huffman
John and Debbie Hussman
James M Hyson
Mr. Michael Imhoff
Mrs. Pamela Jackson-Crabtree
Mr. Frank Jacobs
Rebecca Jestice
Shelley Johnson
Tom Jonak and Sandi Simmons
Russell Joseph
Ann Juchno
Karen Kaibas
Dylan Kamm
Karen Kearney-Lee
Julie King
Karen King
Tim King
Janine Kinnison
Larry Kinsler
Tony and Joan Klepacz
Ms. Wendy Kline
Diana Koogler
Charles and Karen Kronbach
John Kuck Jr. and Patti Kuck
Mr. John Kunesh
Daniel Lacey
Emile and Donna LaChance
Ms. Mary Lacy
Kimberly Lally
Carole Lambert Stephens
Karin Land
John & Pat Landen
Kathleen Lauri-Lewis
Kathryn Lawrence
Edward Lehman and John Snyder
Regis Lekan
Mr. Joel Lewis Thomas
Mr. Scott Ley
Mr. Constantine Liakakos
Scott and Ann Liberman
Kimberly Liston-Lake
Gordon and Vicki Little
Susan E Lowe
Katherine F Lucas
Amber Lutz
Marjorie Mahle
Anne Malone
Michael and Christy Manchester
Robert and Molly Mann
Ms. Diann Manning
Fran Thompson Mansfield
Joan Manzo
Ms. Barbara N. Markley
Cynthia and John Shishoff
Mr. Bruce F. Martino
Ms. Barbara Masquelier
Barbara J. McCartney
Judson & Jody McCarty
Jack and Mary Jane McCormick
James Mcgail
Page McGirr
George and Kathryn McGowan
Nanci and Luther McMaken
Jeremy McWilliams
Charlotte Perry
Lisa A Mendenhall
Rosella and Clifton Miller
Carol Ann Miller
Ms. Judy L. Miller
Mr. Ken Miller
Glenn and Wyona Mitchell
Robert Mitsch
Laurie L. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mott
Barbara Mourouzis
Mr. Wilson Mullen
Mark Mullen-Muhr
Jane and Thomas Murphy
Mrs. Nancy Myers
Richard Neil
Deb Nelson
Steve Nix
Amanda O’Sullivan
Mr. Donald O’Connor
Ronald and Suzanne O’Rear
Tim and JoAnne Otto
Mrs. Joyce Overholser
Janice F Painter
Michael Parks
Bob and Judy Pearson
Alison Peters
Mrs. Linda Phelps
Lisa Pierce
Mark and Rita Pinti
Ms. Chris Pipenger
Ms. Shirley Planet
Barbara and Gary Poleskey
Ted and Marilyn Pope
Edwin Pottenger
Karen Presdorf
Joann Prettyman
Jeanette Radliff
Mrs. Cynthia Rank
Carolyn Rathweg-Wheeler
Deborah Ray
Mr. Ronald Rearick
Ruth Reeve
Ms. Judith A. Rezy
Bonnie and Walter Rice
Ms. Dannette Richards
Bryan and Rachel Riddiford
Michael Heston
Sally Riker
Jane Santamaria
Kathleen Rizer
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Rizzardi
Randy & Julie Roach
Yvonne M. Roads
Claudia Rocklin
Mrs. Phyllis Roller
Ms. Cynthia Ronan
Linda Rose
Mr. David J. Rothschild
Duane Rubertus
Mr. J. David Schairbaum
Sherry Scheuerman
Mr. Ken Pavy and Ms. Diana Schmitz
James and Lynn Sellers
Willis & Susan Serr
Dr. Julie Servaites
Earl and Nancy Sever
Joel and Linda Shapiro
Mr. Stephen Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Carol & John Sheehan
Douglas Sheidler
Mr. Theodore C. Sheline
Randy and Shelly Shellabarger
Elizabeth Shepard
Steven and Ann Sherbet
Allison Shimko
Ms. Sarah Sillin
Stephanie Skelley
Havyn Skorupan
Ann Smith
Deborah Smith
Rick & Joyce Smith
Darrell Southard
Karen Spina
William and Nancy Stahl
William Staler
Steven and Gail Staley
Amy Stamper
Tyler Stant
Steve Steinman
Bernice and William Stephen
Dan and Phyllis Strayer
Gary and Sharon Streby
Mr. Steven Stuckey
Carolyn Studebaker
Julie Susey
Mrs. Shannon Sutter
Ms. Judene Thome
Lorie Thornberry
Mr. Michael Timpone
Robert and Ruth Tobias
Ms. Barbara Lynn Trick
David Triwush
Greg True
David Tyler
Mr. Anthony Vasquez
John and RoseAnn Venis
Sherri and Darrell Vincent
Peter and Ellen Vogel
Joyce Von Gruenigen
Gregory and Deborah Waddell
Ms. Joy Jo Wahl
Barbara and Richard Wantz
Mr. Scott Watamaniuk
Don Webb
Donald and Caryl Weckstein
Susan and David Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wellman
Herbert and Christine Wells
Farris and Joe Welsh
Roger and Nancy Wickert
Amy Sue Wiedeman
Saundra Wieser
Terry Williamson
Kenneth A. Willis
Galen Wilson
Tom Winter
Duane and Robyn Wolf
Thomas Wolf
Mr. William Wolf
Lynn Wood
Diane Wuensch
Mrs. Carol Yegerlehner
Mr. Mike & Shirley Zywien