Annual Fund – Individual Support

The Dayton Live Annual Fund is your opportunity to make an immediate impact in our community as the region’s home for arts, culture and entertainment. Our impact is your impact!

Dayton Live donor benefits include exclusive presale opportunities, preshow donor receptions, complimentary parking and much more! Click here for a complete list of donor benefits.

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Mike Rogers

Chief Development Officer

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Tabatha Wharton

Coordinator – Development

Donate via mail:
Dayton Live
Attn: Development
138 North Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

A performer stands on stage in front of a full house at the Schuster Center

President’s Circle Donors



Charles D. Berry Foundation
Donald M. and Dorothea Hunt Spindler Endowment Fund*
Kate and Steve Hone*
Heni Koeningsberg
Robert and Pamela Lambert
Linda Black-Kurek Family Foundation
Bill and Jackie Lockwood Foundation*
Lou and Steve Mason**
Lee Monnin
The Jesse and Caryl Philips Foundation**
Rick and Jane Schwartz**
Diane Tobey*
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Welin**
Christopher and Jamie Wyse*
David Wyse**
The Wyse Family Foundation*
Everett C. and Margie Mack Yowell Endowment Fund



Tom and Babs Bettcher**
Drs. Kirby and Rita Heritage**
Hieronymus Family Fund*
Larry and Susan Hodapp**
Ruth I. and Henry H. Hoefer, Sr. Memorial Fund**
Mary Koch
James Longley**
Martha and Mark Shaker**
Wendy and Vince Lewis**
Thomas and Sharon Skelley
Betsy B. Whitney**



Bob and Donna Duplain*
WM. Minott Gaillard*
Mr. Brian Gleason and Mrs. Vickie Gleason
Janet and Don Grieshop**
Kevin and Sandra Hyde*
David London and Kim Dinsmore*
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Marker
Dale and Karen Medford**
John and Anna Monnett*
Ronald Dean Patrick**
Jeff Peterson
Ken and Nancy Quinter*
Dominick and Peg Rinaldi**
Diane and Bill Schaff*
Sue and Brian Stevens
Bill and Kelly Stone
Bonney and Chris Walther*
Norman and Mary Rita Weissman and Family**
Toni and Bill Winger



Assured Partners
Gary and Rachel Auman**
Lois and Don Bigler
Erin Davis
David and Stephanie Dickerson
John and Beth Ey**
Martha Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J Gaudion
Sammye Harrison*
Kevin and Sandra Hyde*
Drs. Robert and Lynn Jensen*
Chris and Terri Jones
Albert and Fern Leland*
Eric and Lela Marcus**
Robert L. Mitsch
Ed and Fran O’Shaughnessy**
Mrs. Jim Patton**
Rich and Jackie Siefring*
Rick and Tawnya Stover
Ty and Polly Sutton

Patron Level Donors

Stage Manager

($500 and $1,499)

Peggy and Si Adam
Allan and Nancy Anderson*
Linda Baker
Barlow Family
Joe and Maryann Bausman**
Mike and Ginny Beamish
Miss Martha L. Bell**
Dr. John K Boedigheimer*
Brixey & Meyer
Cal and Nancy Busch*
Robert and Donna Miles Curry*
Larry Dale
Helen and Rocky Demers*
Paul and Jacqueline DePalma
Barbara and William Devenzio*
John and Kathy Dunn
Rhonda S. Elifritz-Rix
David and Kathleen Elliott**
Emerson Electric Company
Richard E. Feldmann**
Allan and Mary Kay Feller
James and Leatha Ferncez*
Joseph Flanagan
John and Julia Frantz*
Lt. Col. Ret. and Mrs. Daniel P. French**
Dr. Robert R. and Beverley Gardner**
GE Foundation
Lynn and David Goldenberg*
Dr. Anju Goyal
Col. Lee Schatzley and Carol Graff**
Susan and Joe Gruenberg*
Jonathan Hale
Bruce and Mayumi Hall*
Ms. Lisa Hanauer and Sue Spiegel
Tom and Sarah Haydon**
Robert Heuman
Harry and Zoe Hittner**
Keith and Claire Hoffman*
Jacob Huff
Michale & Judith Kreutzer
Karen Kronback
Bryan and Stephanie LaPlant
Tim and Ellen Love
Laura Macy
Amy Radachi and Tom Maher
Stan and Louise Maher*
Monie and George Malacos
Christy and Michael Manchester*
Roger and Carol McClure**
David and Jamie McGillivary
John and Kathleen McKeon*
John Miltenberger
Shaun and Susan Nicholson*
Dr. Robert and Beverly Orosz**
Judy Payne*
Ed and Susan Purvis
Claudia Rocklin
Leroy and Linda Roth
Colleen Ryan
Alan and Beth Schaeffer**
Debra J. Serie
Edward I. Shank
Dr. David F. Sikora
Thomas and Rhonda Smigel**
Richard Smythe
William and Nancy Stahl**
Gail Pearce Staley and Steven K. Staley*
Ron and Pam Tritsch*
Marla M. Vichich*
Nancy and Rick Vogel*
Dr. and Mrs. D. Weeks, II*
Tony and Karen Wendeln**
Darden and Debbie Whitaker*
Mark and Kim White
Mikki White
Thomas and Debra Winstel*
Ann and Don Wolf**
Walt and Marcia Wood
Linda Woods
Susan and Randy Woods*
David and Sarah Wrazen
Kaytee and Emily Yantis-Houser
Carol Yegerlehner*



Helen Abramovitz**,***
Robert Adkins
Mrs. Kathryn Allen
Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority Ohio Epsilon Chapter**
Thomas and Lisa Alvetro-Rossman
Mr. Chris Anderson
Tom and Kate Archdeacon
Shirly Ark
Marsha Arnold
Miriam Ault
Laura and Dave Avdakov
Patrick and Karen Bachelder
Carol Baer
Eric and Jill Bailey*
Ken and Judy Bailey*
William and Marilee Baird**
Glenn Baker
Richard Baker
Sharyn and Gary Bambauer
Dwight and Marsha Bartlett**
Ara Beal
Larry Beddies
Dr. Marc Belcastro*
Robert J. Belisle*
Ms. Helen Bell
Amanda Belt
Susan Berg
Maria and Dave Berry
Joyanna Blake
Meghan Boesch
Doug Bowers
Mark Bowers*
Linda and Steve Bracken
Gretchen Brafford
Eric and Tanya Brand
Mr. Drew Brazie
Peter and Linda Breidenbach
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Breisch*
Jim and Beverly Broestl
Jeffrey E and Jacqueline Brumfield
Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Karla Brun
Larry Brun
John and Carol Bucklew*
Bonnie Buddendeck
Kevin and Jane Busarow
David Bruno and Margaret K. Conditt*
Dr. Michael and Connie Jo Caccamo*
Larry and Donna Campbell
Robert and Ellen Campbell
Jeanne Carlson**
Glen and Lynn Carr
Dr. David and Amy Carter**
Steven Cartwright
Susan Chase
Donna Christman
Anastasia M. Christopher
Bruce and Charla Clapp
John and India Clarke
Donna Coleman
Dr. Florence Coleman
Jennifer Conley
Sue Connon
Richard Considine*
Therese A Corley
Rob and Sandy Cornell**
Richard and Rebecca
Ms. Lizabeth Cox*
Greggory and Linda Cross
Mr. and Mrs. K. Michael Crumley
Dr. Cass Cullis
Karen Dabbelt
Bryan and Susan Daly
Ed Dandeneau
Janice and Ralph Daniels*
Jackie Darnell
Susan B. Davis
Ms. Saundra Delaura
Teresa Demana
Rosario Demers
Dr. David DeSantis*
John and Lynne Dorn
Beatrice Downey
Doug and Teresa Ebersole
Susan and Louis A. Eckert**
Michael D Edmiston
Dr. Lowell C Eicher
Melvin and Sondra Elliott*
Nila Elsass
Richard L. Emrick and Maria Rivera
Amy Erickson
Ms. Carol Erwine
Robyn and Norm Essman
Lee Falke*
Dr. Lynn Farney
Amy Fehringer
Walt and Laurie Fenstermacher
Charles Fenstermaker*
Eileen Ferree
Mr. John Flach
Joseph Florkey
Mr. Frank Samuel Fox
Milton and Barbara Franke
William Frapwell*
Scott and Beth Fraser
Betsy Friedlander
Dorothy Friesenborg
Jack Fuurl
Jimmy Gale
James and Patricia Gay
The Gershow Family Fund*
Mr. Randy and Pam Gilbert
S. Bradley Gillaugh**,***
Lt. Col. (Ret) Michael Goldstein
Barbara and James Gorman*
William Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grady
Jeff and Susan Graham
Mr. Robert Grandfield
Martha R. and Everett L. Gray Fund*
Thomas and Janice Gray
Marilyn Greenrose
Peter S. and Carol Corr Greis*
Virginia Griffith
Tammy Grigsby
Dennis and Connie Grosjean
Paul and Kathi Gruner*
Bill and Sandy Gunlock
Kamna Gupta
Jigna Haack
Dennis and Denise Hall
Dan and Doris Hall
Sharon A Hall
Mr. David Handlir
Debbie and John Hanna
Robert Hanna
Robert Harrington
Charlotte Harris
Scott and Janice Harshman
Lorraine K. Hart*
David Hascher
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haskell
Bud and Rita Hauser
Sean Hauser
Eric Heigel
Dr. Ronald Helms
Steven Philip Helterbrant
Dana Herbst
Tara Hessert
Ryan A Hester
David Higgins
Jane Hindenlang*
Greg and Mindy Hoffbauer**
Eric Holdaway
Joseph and Barbara Hollander*
Eric Holterman
Mrs. Luanne Holzapfel
Mr. Tom Holzapfel
Cheryl Housley
Bruce Howorth
Thomas and Deborah Hoying*
Christy Hubbard
Aaron and Amy Huesman
Merilace Huff
Chase Alexander Hurst
John and Debbie Hussmann*
Edmund Cordray and Leslie Hyll**
James Hyson
Jeffrey Indalecio
June Isaacs
John and Kathy Jahoda*
Lyle James
John Jauch
Sabrina Jewell
Sarah and Kevin Keefe
Laura Kemper
Gwendolyn A. Kerns
Sandra Kershner*
Andrew R Khavari
Larry Klaben
Wendy Kline*
Leeann M. Kneubuehl
Donald Knoth
Mr. Art and Dr. Susan Komorowski
Daniel Lacey
Buddy and Donna LaChance*
Jim and Mary Lou Lacy
Lynda LaFleur*
Robert Lafontaine
John and Pat Landen
Dell Larned
Amy Lavey
Mr. Alvin Lee
Rebecca Lee
Joyce Ann Leedom
Dr. Gary L. Leroy
Dick and Catherine LeSourd**
Mr. Constantine Liakakos
Scott and Ann Liberman**
Matthew Linaberry
Carolyn and Ray Lindemann*
Lee Lindsay
Vicki and Gordon Little
Jose and Lynne Lopez*
Christopher Lynn
Jesse Lynn
Hugh and Marygena Lynn
Nancy Madden
Sara Maham
Julie Malone
Ms. Diann Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mansfield
Kristi Marcum
Barbara N. Markley
Michael J. Markus, M.D.
Bruce and Ann Martino*
Ms. Barbara Masquelier
Joseph and Joyce Matsko
Mary Jane Matthews
Christopher May
Dr. Connie McCarroll*
Col. and Mrs. Jack E. McCormick (Ret.)*
Kevin and Debbie McCoy
Ron McCray**
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. McDevitt
James Mcgail
Stewart Mcginnis
George and Kathryn McGowan
Janet and Michael McGrath
Dr. Tim McIntire
Nanci D. McMaken*
Michael McQuiston
Janet Meckley
Shirley Mell
David and Janet Merrelli*
Mark Merrifield
Travis and Shannon Michalak
Rosie and Clif Miller
Carol Ann Miller**
Ms. Linda Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Minnich
Gary and Gina Minyard
Glenn and Wyona Mitchell*
Mary Mohn
Haley Moore
Robert Moore
Carolyn Mueller
Mark and Carrie Mueller
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy**
Dorothy Murray
Annette Nathan
Mr. Gary Nayh
Jeremy Nelson
Mr. Jonah Nelson
Kathleen Neumann
Larry Nicholas
Shaun and Susan Nicholson*
Don Niece
Juli Nimitz
Charles and Michelle R. Norman
Susan Henry and Perry Nystrom
Donald O’Connor*
Cheri and Rick Ohmer*
Jill O’Rear*
Ron and Sue O’Rear*
Linda Orr**
Mark and Debra Owens*
Mark Oxman
Cheryl Page
Stephanie A Palmer
Mr. Jason Parker
Kenton Pate
J Belinda Paugh
Ken Pavy and Diana Schmitz
Jim and Debbie Penikas
John Pfeiffer
Sandy Pfennig*
Julieanne Phillips
David and Lisa Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pinti*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Plunkett
Barbara and Gary Poleskey
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Pope*
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Pottenger
William Price
Timothy Priddy
Ken and Marianna Pugar*
Natalie Pugar
Jane A. Rahn
Michael Rarick and Pam Taiclet*
Dwight Rawlins
Ron and Lori Reazin*
Megan Rehberg
Lori Reimer
Eric and Lorena Rice
Walter and Bonnie Rice
Mr. Timothy Rice
Patricia A. Riley*
Roger Rizzardi
Jean and Ron Rockafellow**
David Roddy
Mr. Glenn H. Rodgers
Leslie Messmore
Debra Root
Vivian Rosenberg
David Rothschild*
Jeanette Rowland
Scott and Jayne Rowlett
Johnathan and Bambi Saxe
Gwendolyn Schmidt
Christopher Schneider
Theresa and Mark Schneider
David and C.J. Schoeff
Tim Schoonover
Herb and Maryanne Schutte
Jerome Scott
Susan M. Semler
Joanne Shanske
John and Carol Sheehan
Randy and Shelly Shellabarger*
Mark and Julie Shepard
Steven and Ann Sherbet
Jim and Holly Shields
Connie and Rob Schoenfelt
Ms. Sheryl M. Shroyer
Sarah Sillin
Kathleen Simpkins
Deborah Smith
Edward and Mary Ray Smith*
Gregory Smith
Mr. Rick L. Smith
Brad and Tina Snider
Darrell and Rochelle Southard
Robin Spiller and Valerie Kapp
Tom and Debbie Spitler
Ryan Stacy
Brian and Carol Stadler
Mark and Janet Stange
Ms. Carole Stephens
Ms. Jamalee Stone
Jeff Stone
Phil and Karen Stormer
Gary Streby
Elizabeth and Lynn Stryker*
John Stump
Stephen and Renee Stumpfl
Dean and Sherri Sutter
Synchrony Financial
Laura Szucs
Ms. Jackie Thase
Mr. James R. Thomeczek*
Lorie Thornberry
Mr. Michael Timpone
Mel Tolle
Barbara Lynn Trick**
Diane Trifiro
Crystal Van Hoose
Sarah Van Nostrand
Jonathan Velasco
Mr. and Mrs. John Venis*
Sherri and Darrell Vincent
Peter and Ellen Vogel
Sarah Voigtman
Douglas Voisard
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Von Gruenigen*
Gregory and Deborah Waddell*
Laura Waddell
Linda Walter
Dr. Richard and Barbara Wantz
Cynthia Watson
Mr. James E. Waugh
Paul and Susanne Weaver*
Don Webb
Donald and Caryl Weckstein**
Ashley Wellman
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wellman
Hewett and Amelia Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Welsh*
Florence Wenning
Roger and Nancy Wickert*
Katherine Wiedeman
Ms. Terry Wiegel
Mike and Louise Wier
Beverly Williams
Ken Willis
Dr. and Mrs. William C. M. Wilson
Niels and Mary Winther
Joe and Cindy Woerner*
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wolf*
Mr. Thomas Wolf**
William Wolf
Brian and Sandra Woodruff
Chris and Bethany Woods
Lori Young
Courtney Zartman
Joseph Zurawka
Mike Zywien*

* 10-year Luminary Donor ** 25-Year Luminary Donor *** Deceased