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Spotlight Ambassadors

The Spotlight Ambassador program is a new program at Dayton Live and is a group of emerging leaders that inspire the next generation of performing arts enthusiasts.

Spotlight Ambassadors are up-and-coming leaders in the greater Dayton region who wish to work with one of the region’s largest nonprofit organizations to promote the performing arts, contribute to the $25 million of regional economic impact attributable to Dayton Live, support the Development team with the stewardship of new and existing donors, and act as community advocates for the Dayton Live brand.

Dayton Live Spotlight Ambassadors are an artistic and enthusiastic community of peers looking to develop their leadership abilities and to adopt Dayton Live philanthropic projects. Under the guidance of the Chief Development Officer and a dedicated Dayton Live Trustee, Spotlight Ambassadors will meet monthly to discuss engagement opportunities with existing donors (particularly major donors), patrons, and Dayton Live staff. Opportunities may exist during existing Development functions such as Broadway in Dayton Intermission and Pre-Show Receptions, Spotlight Society events, major donor functions, after-hours community engagement events (such as By The Glass events), and pre-event or post-event Dayton Live functions.


  • Networking and building relationships with other Spotlight Ambassadors, Trustees of the Board of Directors, Dayton Live Development team and staff, and with Dayton Live donors, sponsors, and supporters;
  • Selecting which programs and functions Spotlight Ambassadors will support;
  • Access to exclusive events like Pre-Show and Intermission Receptions, Spotlight Society events, and By The Glass networking events;
  • Performance ticket discounts through our Company Exclusive Offers (CEO) Program; and
  • Priority seating, flexible ticket exchanges, and Emerson Donor Lounge passes.


  • Completing a one-year term in the Spotlight Ambassador Program (can be renewed annually);
  • Contributing to Dayton Live general operations ($75 minimum);
  • Attending performances and Dayton Live Development functions; and
  • Generating ideas during monthly Spotlight Ambassador meetings.


Contact Mike Rogers, Chief Development Officer, at or 937-637-8148.

An audience applauds at the theatre