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Red candles floating in champaign glasses

Honor, Remember, Celebrate

Honor, remember, or celebrate the performing arts enthusiast in your life by making a gift to Dayton Live. Each gift is promptly acknowledged, and recognition is made according to your specifications.

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Andrew Baker

Manager – Development
937-228-7591, ext. 3018

Donate via mail:
Dayton Live
Attn: Development
138 North Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Red candles floating in champaign glasses

Thank you for your gifts that honor, remember, and celebrate life!

In Memory of Betty Hurley
– Barbara Beckwith
– John and Cheryl Biggs
– Birkdale Village Condo’s Residents
– Donald and Karen Daniel
– Gene and Vickie Daniel
– Lisa and Mark Issenmann
– Karen and Michael Luhring
– Betty Mayfield
– Barbara J. McCartney
– Van and Catherine Riedel
– Julie, Pete and Nick Thompson

In Memory of Tom J. Danis
– Ms. Lizabeth Cox

In Loving Memory of Mary Lou Cox
– Bill and Sherrill Cooper

In Memory of Victoria Bricker
– Amy Fehringer

In Memory of Mr. William Walther
– Phillip Fensel
– Michael Hochwalt
– Steve Mason
– Nancy McKinley
– Kenneth Pohl

In Memory of Marsha Froelich
– Jeffrey E. Froelich Family

In Memory of Joe Hollander
– Ms. Stacy Emoff
– Ms. Lynn F. Foster

In Memory of Joe Hollander and Ian Jay Hollander
– Barbara Hollander

In Memory of Betty Stillwell
– Ms. Rebecca Louderback

In Memory of Nicholas Anton
– Lois Mann

In Memory of JoAnn Brown
– Ken and Lesley Neufeld

In Memory of Lee Whitney
– Jeanette and Jim Patton

In Memory of Richard Pfennig
– Sandra Pfennig

In Memory of Gretchen M. Sadler
– Patricia A. Riley

In Memory of Carolyn Caplan
– SCAP Employment Services

In Memory of Ruth Dowds Richardson
– Mr. and Mrs. Carol & John Sheehan

In Memory of Wayne K. Wright
– Brenda Windel

In Memory of Tom Danis
– Ms. Penny Wolf

In Memory of Fay Samborsky
– Gwendolyn Kerns

In Honor of Steve Hone
– Michael Green and Lila J. Dom

In Honor of Ken and Lesley Neufeld
– Dominick and Peg Rinaldi

In Honor of U.S. Military Veterans
– William and Diane Schaff

In Honor of Mary Clifford
– Judith and Bill Taphorn

In Honor of Ken Neufeld
– Toni and Bill Winger