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Red candles floating in champaign glasses

Honor, Remember, Celebrate

What a beautiful way to honor, remember, or celebrate that special person or occasion in your life by making a gift to Dayton Live. Each gift is promptly acknowledged, and notification is made according to your specifications.

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Paula McLaughlin

Manager – Individual Giving & Donor Relations
937-228-7591, ext. 3018

If you prefer to send your donation via mail, please send it to:
Dayton Live
138 North Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Red candles floating in champaign glasses

Thank you for your gifts that honor, remember, and celebrate life!

In Memory of Tom J. Danis
– Bill and Sherrill Cooper

In Memory of Joe Hollander
– Ms. Stacy Emoff

In Memory of Joe Hollander
– Ms. Lynn F. Foster

In Memory of Joe Hollander and Ian Jay Hollander
– Barbara Hollander

In Memory of Nicholas Anton
– Lois Mann

In Memory of Richard Pfennig
– Sandra Pfennig

In Memory of Ruth Dowds Richardson
– Mr. and Mrs. Carol & John Sheehan

In Memory of Tom J. Danis
– Mrs. Penny Wolf

In Memory of Marsha Froelich
– Jeffrey E. Froelich Family

In Memory of Betty Stillwell
– Ms. Rebecca Louderback

In Memory of Lee Whitney
– Jeanette and Jim Patton

In Memory of Gretchen M. Sadler
– Patricia A. Riley

In Memory of Mary Lou Cox
– Ms. Lizabeth Cox

In Memory of Wayne K. Wright
– Brenda Windel

In Memory of Carolyn Caplan
– SCAP Employment Services

In Memory of JoAnn Brown
– Ken and Lesley Neufeld

In Memory of U.S. Military Veterans
– William and Diane Schaff

In Memory of Ken Neufeld
– Toni and Bill Winger

In Memory of Ken and Lesley Neufeld
– Dominick and Peg Rinaldi

In Memory of Steve Hone
– Michael Green and Lila J. Dom

In Memory of Mary Clifford
– Judith and Bill Taphorn

In Honor of Doni Adams
– Ann and Don Adams