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A smiling Dayton Live volunteer greets patrons


Each season, more than 400 volunteers from the Dayton area donate more than 50,000 hours of their time to Dayton Live. We truly couldn’t do what we do without their invaluable support!

Volunteer Duties

Volunteers work as ticket scanners, ushers, and bartenders at the Victoria Theatre, Benjamin & Marian Schuster Center Performing Arts Center, the PNC Arts Annex, and The Loft Theatre at the Metropolitan Arts Center. Ushers are responsible for directing patrons to their seats, enforcing house policies, assisting patrons, and answering questions.

Becoming A Volunteer

Volunteers are expected to attend an orientation session as well as other training sessions. We ask that they each commit to working a minimum of 20 performances per season. The commitment to volunteering should be viewed as a part-time job. We expect the same high standards of professionalism from our volunteers as we do from our paid staff members!

Volunteer Requirements:
Effective May 1, 2023, Dayton Live will no longer require volunteers to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. We did not come to this decision lightly. However, after the recent announcement by the White House to terminate both the public health and national COVID-19 emergencies on May 11, 2023, we feel it is no longer equitable to require it as a condition of volunteerism.

  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Work 20 shifts over the performing arts season (September – August).
  • Friendly, personable, and professional demeanor.
  • A team player with ability to work well with persons from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Ability to work all positions in all Dayton Live venues.
  • Interest in and enthusiasm for the performing arts.

Working Conditions:

  • Ushers are expected to stand for long periods of time.
  • Ushers are expected to climb up and down stairs.
  • Ushers are expected to lift and move up to 10 pounds.
  • Ushers are expected to work in a dimly lit environment.
  • Regular and punctual attendance is mandatory.

Interested In Joining The Volunteer Team?

Please fill out an application below and set-up your username and password for our online scheduling system, Better Impact. Once your application is received your email will be added to our training list.

We typically host training in spring and fall. Once dates are solidified and email will go out with instructions on how to sign-up.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

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Alec Pasquarella

Director – Customer Experience

A smiling Dayton Live volunteer greets patrons

Volunteer Spotlight

Dayton Live Volunteer London Coe
London Coe (July 2022)
London Coe is quite the accomplished woman. She has been a number of things over the years and continues to build out her impressive resume. She has been an actress, writer, business owner, activist, abolitionist, and a volunteer in our community. London has been volunteering with Dayton Live for about 5 years now, and before moving to Dayton with her family, she lived in Chicago for several years. Click here to read more about London Coe!

Thank you to our volunteers!

2022-2023 Season

Carolyn Abel
Melanie Adams
Patsy Alcorn
Crystal Allen
Kathy Anderson
Jeanne Anslinger
Lynne Applegate
Fern Archer
Barbara Aschenbrenner
Charles Averett
Patricia Barone
Robert Barone
Cheryl Batchelor
Elizabeth Battisti
Greg Battisti
Molly Bauer
Judy Bearbower
Peggy Becker
Martha Bell
Larry Benanzer
Pat Benanzer
Frances Bender
Cindy Benjamin
Jane Bensman
Mary Ann Bergman
Phyllis Berns
Donald Berry
Lu Ann Berry
Gail Birden
Barbara Blauman
Michael Blum
Nancy Blum
Janet Boehmer
Steven Boehmer
Jeanne Boeke
Kathy Bole
Jean Boltz
Patrick Boltz
Janet Bosserman
Kathy Boyd
Deborah Boydston
Amy Brady
Linda Brandenburg
Darlene Brookshire
Sue Brossart
Madi Brown
Carl Brun
Karla Brun
Christine Bucheit
Judith Burk
Elizabeth Burns
Suzanne Bussell
Jane Byers
William Byers
Linda Canter
Kerry Carlos
Victoria Carman
Rylan Carper
Benny Caruso
Toni Cary
Nancy Christiansen
Susan Chudde
Kendra Cipollini
Eva Clair
Kim Clifton
Gary Cochran
Mary Cochran
London Coe
Jude Cohen
Gail Coleman
Deborah Collins
Maggie Cooper
Linda Cosgrove
Connie Cox
Vicky Cox
Julie Coyle
Katherine Crawford
Debora Curington
Susan Cutler
Barbara Czestochowa
Amy Dakin
Cynthia Daniel
Stephen Daniel
Becky Davis
Patrick Davis
Jacqueline Davis
Jill Davis
Laura Davis
Sam Davis
Kathleen Dawson
Ann DeBard
Karen DePinto
Barb Dierkers
Joe Dierkers
Chris Dodt
Terre Donoghue
Jennifer Doom
Kayli Doom
Mark Dowd
Beatrice Downey
Cathy Doyle
Harry Drain
John Dresher
Sonia Dresher
Karey Dufour
Louise Dunne
Barb Dunnick
Bob Duplain
Donna Duplain
Nancy Dyer
Roy Dyer
Rachel Earich
Jerry Eberly
Valerie Eberly
Kate Eddy
Kim Edwards
Kimberly Egbert
Dan Egbert
Betsy Ellison
Ed Ellison
John Emerson
Karen Engelbert
Carol Enns
John Evans
Nancy Evans
Marian Farley
Carol Farmer
Todd Farrow
Naomi Fea
Robert Fea
Dianne Fennell
Robert Fennell
Janet Ferguson
Larry Ferguson
Devon Fero
Dorothy Ferrang
Nancy Finke
Kate Finney
Carolyn Flanagan
Paul Flanagan
Lisa Fletcher
Valerie Flynn
Cindy Ford
Lorraine Fortner
Theresa Fowler
Calvin Frank
Cathy Frank
Brian Freeh
Connie Freeh
Kelly Friday
Marybeth Fritsch
Marlene K. Frost
Jean Fudge
Joseph Fulford
Leigh Ann Fulford
Alison Gahris
Joseph Gallagher
Linda Gallant
Fran Garten
Mary Ann Gasior
Emily Gastineau
Craig Gilbert
Andi Gilliland
Carol Glaser-Atkins
Abby Glendenning
Jeff Goeke
Frances Goodman
Diana Goodwin
Stephanie Gosser
Susan Gosser
Arrington Graham
Jack Grandfield
Mike Griffis
Patricia Guerrier
Aadya Gujja
Dr. Rhonda Gullette
Ginger Gunlock
Brian Hagerty
Kathryn Hagerty
Helen Halcomb
Lynne Hamilton
Evelyn Hand
Samantha Hannigan
Carolyn Hardin
James Hartke
Marianne Hartke
Barbara Hartle
Julie Hatton
Marilyn Hausfeld
Reese Hawkins
Colleen Hayes
Bonnie Hebert
Bonnie Heikes
Jim Heikes
Marilyn Helke
Bert Hensel
Heather Heritage
Frank Herman
Patricia Herman
Nancy Hern
Peter Hess
Katherine Hibbs
Linda Hill
Dale Hill
Margaret Hill
Debby Hobbs
Holly Hodges
Evelyn Hogenkamp
Tracy Holly
Alice Hotopp
Steve Houser
John Howard
Linda Hoyng
Janet Huelsman
Nic Hulsman
Larry Hutson
Linda Hutson
Larry Huttsell
Alaina Imboden
Donna Ishman
Sue Jackson
Sue Jessee
Nancy Johnson
Tom Jonak
Alice Jones
Ann Juchno
Heather Juhascik
Gail Jurey
Wendy Karth
Tom Karth
Connie Keck
Jon Keck
Kristin Killen
Patricia Kinder
Kimberly King
Cheryl Kinkead
Dottie Klein
Larry Klueber
Maria Klueber
Ruth Kohstall
Chris Kopec
Mike Kopec
Beverly Kramer
Patricia Kretz
Anne Kuhn
Wade Kuhn
Sondra Kulback
Sam Kurtz
Susie Kurtz
Corey Lam
Joan Lambert
Josephine Laury
Kenneth Lawrie
Teri Lemman
Bob Linzmeier
Vicki Little
Cindy Ljungren
Barbara Long
Cathy Long
David Long
Jim Longley
Lauren Love-Edwards
Colleen Lovett
Terry Luedeke
Sofia Maggard
Marjorie Mahle
Anne Malone
Richard Malone
Barbara Mandelbaum
Shari Mann
Joan Manzo
Carolyn Marshall
Judith Martin
Beth Mayer
Don McAlexander
Elisabeth McCall
Melody McCallister
Barb McCartney
Karen McCarty
Michael McCarty
Linda McCloskey
Joe McDaniel
Barbara McDermott
David McDougle
Patrick McEvoy
Donna McGarvey
Connie McKale
Bruce McNaughton
Kenneth McNeal
Dan Mecoli
Kathy Mecoli
Mason Melvin
Mary Merle
Lori Metivier
Lily Meyers
Louise Michels
Judy Miller
Julie Miller
Teresa Millwater
John Miltenberger
Mary Miltenberger
Mary Ann Minton
Angelina Mitchell
Delma Moore
Joan Morgan
Willie Morris
Gail Moses
Ginger Moss
Jane Mott
Diana Mount
Nancy Myers
Shari Napier
Patricia Nephew
Brenda Newman
Pat Nies
Carol Nolan
Shannon Lynn Norton
Ann Ohara
Tom Oldenski
Celine O’Neill
Tom O’Neill
Trudy Orourke
Bob Ott
Melayna Papalios
Anne Pashak
Merilee Patak
Ted Patton
Norma Peachey
Marcia Peavy
Minerva Pepperman
Isa Perottino
Dovie Pettitt
Beth Phillips
Maryjo Phillips
Roberta Phillips
Thomas Phillips
Diane Platfoot
Joe Poeppelman
Margie Poeppelman
Weigie Pomianowski
Kimberly Potter
Nancy Prass
Roger Pratt
Richard Prigozen
Roberta Prigozen
Marie Raffio
Michael Raffio
Norma Raiff
Sydney Ramsey
Marenna Rebischke-Smith
Kevin Rehfus
Amy Rehfus
Jai Rezy
Jill Robertson
Mikaja Robinson
Marilyn Rodney
Kimberly Roerig
Alexis Rogers
Cindy Rogerson
Cathy Roseberry
Cheryl Ross
Jeanette Rowland
Barbara Roy
Janice Saunders
Donna Schorr
Theodore Schorr
Sandra Schultz
Ann Scohy
Cindy Seaman
Margaret Seboldt
Peggy Sedlar
Ira Segalewitz
Susan Seitz
Sophia Shaker
Jim Shank
Janyce Shull
Sandi Simmons
Marge Sliemers
Carol Smith
Colleen Smith
Cynthia Smith
Pamela Smith
Sue Smith
Tina Smith
Maggie Snee
Barbara Sommer
Farrell Sparks
Sharon Sparks
Karissa Speakman
Tracy Spilker
Frank Stauble
Jan Stauble
Susan Stein
Jack Stein
Theresa Stelter
Janet Stohr
Sheryl Stoltz
Darlene Stout
Sam Stout
Jennifer Sycks
Rick Tangeman
Bee Tanner
Beth Taylor
Carole Taylor
Delsia Taylor
Lenore Teevan
Lucy Thobe
Billy Thomas
Margie Thorpe
Linda Tibbetts
Joan Tomme
Cheryl Treadway
Kenneth Treadway
Barbara Trick
Paula Trimbach
Gail Andrews Turner
Kathy Tyler
Jane Uhlenhake
Walter Uhlenhake
Patricia Ulrich
Judy Vallo
Steve Vallo
Sandra Van Zandbergen
Sue Villarreal
Jan Vivanco
Kathy Vonderbrink
Pat Vondrell
Kim Wachter
Mike Walizer
Debbie Wanamaker
Melonie Warren
Mark Watson
Jayne Weikel
Gerald Weitz
Lynda Weitz
Steven Wetzel
James White
Kim White
Mark White
Mikki White
Audrenna Whiteside
Dolores Williams
Donnie Williams
Lois Williams
Tracy Williams
Becky Williamson
Carol Williamson
Beverly Willis
Jim Wilson
Nancy Wilson
Joan Wilson
Ron Wilson
Karen Wilson
Kathy Wolters
Roger Wolters
Ginny Wood
Gary Wortham
Patricia Wortham
Terry Wyman
Ashley Wyman
Ron Young
Rick Zech
Sandy Zimbric
Becky Zimmerman
Susan Zurcher