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Special Funds

Investing in the Dayton Live Endowment is investing in the future of innovative programming, accessibility, and workforce development in the arts. Each of Dayton Live’s three endowment funds at The Dayton Foundation aim to strengthen and reflect the needs of our community, providing a lasting impact.

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Andrew Baker

Manager – Development
937-228-7591, ext. 3018

Neufeld Fund

The Neufeld Fund for Innovative Programming was established to honor the legacy of retired Dayton Live President & CEO Ken Neufeld and his wife Lesley. This fund provides Dayton Live with an annual resource to develop and present creative and innovative new arts experiences for our community.

Ken And Lesley Neufeld Innovative Programming Fund Donors

Rep. Niraj Antani
Leonard P. and Marianne Bailey
Ricia Ballas and Scott Davis
Tom and Frances Bankston
Cassie Barlow
Pamela Baugham
Karen Burke
John and India Clarke
Elizabeth Converse
Sara Davis
Amanda DeLotelle
David and Stephanie Dickerson
Montgomery County Commissioner Judy Dodge
Downtown Dayton Partnership
Robert and Donna Duplain
Diane Ewing
Elizabeth and John Ey
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Fisher
Neil and Bonnie Freund
Gary Froelich
Neal Gittleman and Lisa Fry
Karen Goff
Maribeth A. Graham
Dennis and Denise Hall
Jim Hausfeld
Kate and Steve Hone
Michael A. Houser
Kevin and Sandra Hyde
Lisa R. Japs
Mark Keeton
Marilyn and Larry Klaben
Joan and Tony Klepacz
Wendy and Ron Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kuntz
Albert and Fern Leland
Wendy and Vince Lewis
Debbie Lieberman
Bill and Wanda Lukens

Mary Kaye and Fred Manchur
Karen and John L. Marshall
Patrick Martin
Barbara J. McCartney
Judy D. McCormick
Kevin and Mary McDonald
Pat and David McDonald
Stuart McDowell
David and Jamie McGillivary
Dale and Karen Medford
Gary and Gina Minyard
Mark Mirek
Alok Mohan
John and Anna Monnett
Ken and Lesley Neufeld
Susan Newcomb
Dr. Kenneth P. Pohl
Dominick and Peg Rinaldi
Monte Salsman
Alan and Beth Schaeffer
David and Cathy Schrodi
Rick and Jane Schwartz
Martha and Mark Shaker
Todd Smittle
Vance Stephenson
Brian and Sue Stevens
Patti L. Stoll
Donna and Glenn Stowkowy
Lois and Roger Sutherland
Cannon and Palmer Tucker
Kari Tucker
Paul and Susanne Weaver
Dr. David and Susan Weeks
Betsy Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. William Winger
Sara E. Woodhull
Ray Wylam
David L. Wyse

Scholarship Fund

The Dayton Live Scholarship Fund seeks to minimize financial barriers and make the arts accessible to people of all ages. This fund ensures that financial inequity does not prevent inclusion in Dayton Live programming.

Scholarship Fund Donors

Marsha Bonhart
Aaron and Amy Huesman
Michael Kelly

Wendy and Vince Lewis
Martha and Mark Shaker
B. J. Wack

JoAnn Brown Legacy Fund

The JoAnn Brown Legacy Fund was established to honor Joann Brown, a Dayton Live employee for 29 years. JoAnn began working at an entry level position and seized opportunities throughout a career that culminated in her position as Vice President of Facilities for Dayton Live. JoAnn was a true mentor and leader who taught by example, rolling up her sleeves to get the job done. Dayton Live honors her memory with the JoAnn Brown Legacy Fund to provide training for women interested in venue and arts management.

JoAnn Brown Legacy Fund Donors

Mr. Doni Brown

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