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Looking out from behind a singular illuminated light bulb on the Schuster Center stage

Endowment Fund

Dayton Live is continually building its endowment fund to ensure that Dayton’s well-loved arts venues remain an artistic hub and an economic driver in our community for generations to come. These buildings are essential to the economic vitality of the city and region.

  • More than 300,000 attended performances and events annually at the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center, the Victoria Theatre, the PNC Arts Annex, and The Loft Theatre.
  • The total annual economic activity for all the programs in VTA’s (now Dayton Live) 2018-2019 Season alone was calculated at nearly $24 million.

The endowment fund not only provides a foundation for our organization. It allows us to support our resident companies – Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Dayton Ballet, Dayton Opera, and The Human Race Theatre Company – and preserve accessibility for all audiences in the Dayton region. This support equals more than $1 million per year.

With care, planning, and stewardship, these venues will remain Dayton’s best long-term investments in the future

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Andrew Baker

Manager – Development
937-228-7591, ext. 3018

Donate via mail:
Dayton Live
Attn: Development
138 North Main Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

From 2012 until 2019 we raised funds through The Next Stage Campaign to build the Endowment and for Current Use Projects. Thank you to the following donors who made a commitment during that time to support the future of the arts in Dayton.

The Next Stage Campaign Donors

Darrell Abner
Angela Abnett
Helen Abramovitz
Myron and Jan Achbach
Carl and Damona Ahlm
Linda and Jeff Albert
Joan Albrecht
Patsy Alcorn
Mark and Lisa Allan
Rose Allen
Ruth Allen
Zachary Allen
Brian and Nancy Anderson
Douglas Anderson
Sue Apple
Bob and Fern Archer
Shirley Ark
Brenda D. Arnett
Barbara Aschenbrenner
Jeremiah and Ashley Astin
Dan August
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Bachelder
Leonard P. and Marianne Bailey
Ricia Ballas and Scott Davis
Tom and Frances Bankston
Banston Family
Lois and Thomas Baratko
Sheela Barhan, MD
Cassie Barlow
Fred and Joy Bartenstein
Dwight and Marsha Bartlett
Elizabeth Battisti and Phyllis Boffa
Duane and Mary Bayman
Mr. Michael L. Beamish
Judy Bearbower
Janet Beaven
Dave and Peg Becker
Doris Behnken
Steve and Jo Beinlich
Robert Belisle
Miss Martha L. Bell
Phyllis and Frank Berns
Charles D. Berry
Berry Family Foundation
Donald and Lu Ann Berry
Tom and Babs Bettcher
Irvin and Tracy Bieser
Kristina L. Bilbrey
Clarence and Judy Bittner
Charaé Black
Wilma Blackmon
Harley Blankenship
Barbara Blauman – In Honor of Marjorie and Gilbert Blauman
Krista Bleicher
Margaret and Bill Bloebaum
Dr. and Mrs. John Bloom
Ronnie Blythe – For the Love of the VTA!
Mary Jean Bollinger
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bomboy
Taylor Bowen
Linda Brandenberg
Robert H. Brethen Foundation
Darlene Brookshire
John A. Brown
Jo Ann Brown
Leilani Brown
Ronitka Brown
Dr. Thomas and Suzanne Brown
William Brown
Christine Bucheit
John and Carol Bucklew
Issac Buckley
Barbara Hayde and Ronald Budzik Charitable Fund
Jeff and Dianne Burroughs
Cal and Nancy Busch
Donald L. Bush and Alan Troy Black
Linda Byers
Dr. Michael and Connie Caccamo
Calvo Family
Terry Cannon – In Honor of Dorotha M. Randall
CareSource Foundation
Carol Cassidy
Sean and Senan Chaudhuri
Linda Chiappone
N Christiansen
Eva Clair
Nelson Clair
Mary and Gary Cochran
Anthony and Lynda Colussi
Sandra L. Connell
Robt. and Mary Ann Cornell
Rebecca and Richard Courtney
Joshua K. Cox
Kathy Cox
Marjorie Craver
Justina Crawford
Robert and Donna Miles Curry
Barbara Czestochowa
Nat Gough and Lori D’Agostino-Gough
Danis Building Construction Company
Jackie Darnell
Richard and Susan Davis
Susan B. Davis
The Dayton Foundation
Dayton Power & Light Foundation
Hilary Deemer
Joe and Gail Deering
Kim Dellinger
Amanda DeLotelle
Helen and Rocky Demers
Joyce Dent
Karen Sue DePinto
Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio
Barb and Joe Dierkers
Jim and Chris Dodt
Robert Donohoo
Beatrice Downey
Roy and Rachel Downing
Harry and Sandra Drain
John and Sonia Dresher
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Driver
Don and Sue Dugan
Karen T. Dunlevey
Barb Dunnick
Robert and Donna Duplain
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Duval
Harry and Martha Ebeling
Jerry and Valerie Eberly
Donna Edly
The Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation of the Dayton Foundation
Ed and Betsy Ellison – In Honor of Ann Berry
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.
Stephen and Jennifer Enseleit
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Dr. Michael Ervin
Pasko Evanoff
Michael J. Evans, Jr.
Susan and Edward Ewing
Elizabeth and John Ey
Helen B. Farrenkopf
Robert and Dianne Fennell
Larry and Janet Ferguson
Patricia Ferguson
Nancy and Herb Finke
Kathleen and Raymond Finney – In Memory of Volunteer Pat Wakeman
Judith L. Flee
Mary and Dan Fleischman
Winifred Fleisher
Crystal Flippin
James and Mary Lu Flynn
Rick Flynn and Robert Waldron
Cynthia L. Ford
Jonathan Ford
Lorraine Fortner
Ryan France
Tamra and Jerry Francis
Calvin and Cathy Frank
Lolita Frazier
Neil and Bonnie Freund
Freund, Freeze & Arnold
Marlene Frost
Barbara Fryburg
Jean Fudge
Leonard and Dorothy Gantner
Michael A. Gardner
Robert R. and Beverley K. Gardner
The 3 Gibsons
Charles F. and Annette J. Gilbert
Wanda Gilbert
Sandrena Gillaspy
Larry S. Glickler and
Charles L. Quinn, Jr.
Lynn and David Goldenberg
Rochelle and Michael Goldstein
Gary and Sharon Gottschlich
Dan and Betty Gould
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gray
Phillip Green
Janet and Don Grieshop
Teresa Grimm
Paul and Kathi Gruner
Rhonda Y. S. Gullette
Glenn and Mary Gunlock
Marilyn and Russell Hackett
Ms. Kathy Hagerty
Helen Halcomb
Lynne Hamilton
Evelyn Hand
Amy Handra
Brionna Hankies
William M. Harrelson II
Rose Harris
Kara Harter
Michael and Deanne Harvey
David Hastings
Barbara Hayden
Taylor Haynes
Derrek Haywood
Marjorie and Jon Hazelton
Kristina and Jason Heaton
Bonnie Hebert
Jim and Bonnie Heikes – In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bright
Susan Henry and Perry Nystrom
Charles and Rita Heritage
Katherine J. Hibbs
Marilyn and Bill Hibbs
Dale and Margaret Hill
Linda Hill
Wesley Hill
Barbara and Donald Hiser
Cora Hodgson
Evelyn Hogenkamp
Erin Holland
Ms. Tracy Holly
The Holmes Family Foundation
Steve and Kate Hone
Earl and Charlotte Hopkins
Houser Asphalt & Concrete
Lucy Howard
Thomas and Mary Hutcheson
Kevin and Sandra Hyde
Rebecca and David Ingebo
Donna Ishman
Antoinette Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. John Jahoda
Judith and Steven Jennings
Nita A. Jennings
Sue Jessee – In Honor of My Grandchildren
Brandy Johnson
Pat Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Jones
Gail T. Jurey
Heather Juhascik
The Kalis Family
John R. Kasich, Former Governor of Ohio
Ronald and Jane Katsuyama
Aaron Kemp
Manetra Kemp
Patrick Keough
The Kettering Fund
Kettering Health Network
The Mary H. Kittredge Fund
of The Dayton Foundation
Jim and Dottie Klein
Leonard and Juanita Klosterman
Natalie Knife
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knowles
Mike and Chris Kopec
Charles Krausche and
Kathy Anderson
James Krauskopf
Wade and Anne Kuhn
Paul and Sandy Kulback
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kuntz
The Kuntz Foundation
Linda Black-Kurek Family Foundation
Buddy and Donna LaChance
Robert G. Larsen
Ron Larsen
Albert and Fern Leland
Gary L. LeRoy, MD
Stephen B. Levitt, MD
De’Quan Lewis
Wendy and Vince Lewis
Liberty Nursing Centers
Daniel and Jennifer Light
Vicki and Gordon Little
Bill and Jackie Lockwood Foundation
David London
James J. Longley
Veronica Lopez
Tim and Ellen Love
Ronald Lundquist

Derek and Kristen Maddox
Margie Mahle
Dr. Rosalie Mainous
Veronica Malcomb
Anne and Richard Malone
Bethany Malone
Fred and Mary Kaye Manchur
Barbara Mandelbaum
Bob and Molly Mann
Joan Manzo
Vicky Marchand – In Honor of Geraldine Marchand
Ildiko Marcus
Deborah Martin
Judith B. Martin
Sammie L. Martin
Bruce and Ann Martino
Steve and Lou Mason
Joseph and Joyce Matsko
Lee and Caryn May
Clarence Mays, Jr.
David Mazal
Barbara J. McCartney
Karen McCarty
Stephen McConnell
Col. Jack and Mary Jane McCormick
Ron McCray and Edgar J. Lawrence
Barbara McDermott
Kevin and Mary McDonald
Pat and David McDonald
Tony Ray McDowell
Donna M. McGarvey
Bill and Donna McGraw
Connie McKale
Kyle McKenzie
John and Kathleen McKeon
Paula McLaughlin and Sudip Chaudhuri
Bruce McNaughton
Peter McNeely – In Honor of David Hastings
Karen Meade
David and Norma Mears
Dale and Karen Medford
Rosie and Hal Melia
Tom and Trina Melzoni
Pam and Stu Merl
Carol Ann Miller
Judy Miller
Steve and Pinny Miller
Miller-Valentine Group
John and Mary Miltenberger
Gary and Gina Minyard
John and Anna Monnett
Phyllis Monnin
Frances Montgomery
Virginia Montgomery
Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District
Joan Morgan
Ginger and Richard Moss
Stephanie Napier
Taylor Naragon
Ken and Lesley Neufeld
DeeDee Newland
Shaun and Susan Nicholson
Christy Nicolas
Marla Schuster Nissan,
Benjamin and Gregory Nissan
Shirley Nixon
Jason Norton
Shannon Norton – In Honor of Judith Lynn Norton
Gary and Diane O’Connell
Fred and Leila Oliver
Col. and Mrs. Michael J. Ondrasek
Tim and JoAnne Otto
Don and Sharon Parkison
Nan P. Parrott
Steve Patterson
Jeanette and Jim Patton
Ted Patton
Charlotte M. Paugh
Beverly Pendergast
Tanya Peoples
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Perez
Jessica Perkins
The Jesse & Caryl Philips Foundation
Nicholas Phillips
Gabe Pinti
PNC Bank
Carol and Rich Pohl
Gary and Barbara Poleskey
Weigie Pomianowski
Peggy Pope
Cindy Post
Janice Potter
Roger W. and Nancy M. Pratt – In Memory of Howard and Marcie Weisenborn
Mechele Pritchard
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Prophater
Ed and Susan Purvis
Peggy Razzano
Dick and Julie Remski
John and Tanya Rhodes
Helen Rice – In Honor of Roy Dobrian
Sha’ron Richardson
Adelya Riftina
Deanna and Jim Riley
Dominick and Peg Rinaldi
Frances Roach – In memory of Rose and Albert Dzazga
Tahler Robbins
Burnell and Karen Roberts
Jolaunda Roberts
Billy Rodgers
Allen and Barbara Roe
Aarika Rooney
Mr. Richard S. Ross
Lee and Linda Roth
David and Kay Rothschild
William and Lois Rush
Monte and Annette Salsman
Delayne Scales
Don and Marcy Schade
William and Diane Schaff
Colonel Lee Schatzley and Carol Graff
Gene and Betty Scheibly
Beverly and Richard Scherack
The Schiewetz Foundation
John and Carroll Schleppi
Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts,
Fifth Third Bank, Trustee
Larry Warren and Diane Schoeffler-Warren
Tim Schonsheck
Gerald Schramm
David and Cathy Schrodi
Bill and Ann Schuerman
Benjamin and Marian Schuster
Jane and Rick Schwartz
Kenneth and Dinah Schwartzkopf
John Schweickart
James and Barbara Scott
Nicole Scott
Ira Segalewitz
Joel Seip
Gary and Mary Ellen Sellars
Martha and Mark Shaker
Theodore and Linda Lou Sheline
Julie and Mark Shepard
Robert Shoenfelt
Richard and Jacqueline Siefring
Sandi Simmons and Tom Jonak
Carl and Jeanann Sinewe
Emily Singh
Thomas Skelley
and Sharon Lindquist-Skelley
Margorie Sliemers
Thomas and Roberta Smigel
Carol Smith
Ed and Mary Ray Smith
Patricia Smith Mackey – In Honor of Rebecca L. Shaw
Kris, Emily, and Kurt Smolinski
Barbara Snodgrass
Jonathan and Melinda Southwell
Shannon and Farrell Sparks
Robin Spiller
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Spurlino
Brittany Stacey
Mary Staley
State of Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
Jan and Frank Stauble
Jean C. Steele – In Memory of Lt. Co. Ralph D. Steele, USAF
John and Susan Stein
Bernice Stephen
Brian and Sue Stevens
Elaine Stoughton
Larry and Pat Stover
Rick Stover and Tawnya Darlington
Gary and Sharon Streby
Brittany Strehle
Marilyn Strickler
Bruce Sucher
Robert Suchland
DeMarcus and Alexis Suggs
Lois and Roger Sutherland
Ty and Polly Sutton
Rick Tangeman – In Honor of Don and Rita Tangeman
Tatar Family Fund
Barbara and Tobias Theis
Pam Thomas
Maeda Evelyn Thompson – In Honor of My Parents Lorene N. Paige and Vincent Glenn Paige
Carol Thompson
Thompson Hine LLP
Katherine and Hugh Thornburg – In Honor of Taylor and Jordan Thornburg
Margie P. Thorpe
Steve Tobias – In Honor of Robert Jay Thomas
Barbara Lynn Trick
Paula Trimbach – In Honor of Pauline and Jerry Bashaw
Ron and Pam Tritsch
Cannon and Palmer Tucker
Sean and Kari Tucker
Ginnie Turner
James G. Turpen
Miss Rosa Lee Turpin
Ingrid Brown and Troy Tyner
Uhl Family Charitable Fund
Walter and Jane Uhlenhake
Howard E. Ullery
Tess Vella – In Honor of Jasmine Hope Vella-Lee
Nancy and Rick Vogel
B. J. Wack
Gail and Dick Wagner
Rob and Lisa Wagner
Jolene Walker – In Honor of Bob and Donna Duplain and Paul and Sandy Kuhlback
John and Karen Ward
Lynn Wasson
Max and Judi Weaver
Paul and Susanne Weaver
Judith and Fred Weber
Donald and Caryl Weckstein
Erika Weir
Gerry and Lynda Weitz
Larry and Linda Welin
Sherry Wells
Tony and Karen Wendeln
Florence Wenning
Colleen Werner
Tabatha Wharton – In Honor of Kiedis and Tova Muntzinger
Debbie and Darden Whitaker
Ms. Mikki White
Betsy and Lee Whitney
Robert and Dorothy Wickline
Mike and Louise Wier
Ruth Wiles
David Williams
Dale and Becky Williamson
Danny Willis
Jim and Nancy Wilson
Erin Wimsatt
Mr. and Mrs. William Winger
Carla Wirth
Wayne D. Witherell
Duane Wolf
James Wolf
Roger and Kathy Wolters
Walt and Marcia Wood
George and Barbara Wooten
Keith Wyatt and David Seyer
Ray Wylam
Christopher and Jamie Wyse
The Wyse Family Foundation
Ronald Young – In Honor of Beatrice U. Young
Sandy Zimbric

PNC Arts Annex Donors

Clarence and Judy Bittner
Barbara Blauman – In Honor of Marjorie and Gilbert Blauman
Dr. and Mrs. John Bloom
Calvo Family
Anthony and Lynda Colussi
Kathy Cox
Robert and Donna Miles Curry
The Dayton Foundation
Joe and Gail Deering
Helen and Rocky Demers
Beatrice Downey
The Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation of The Dayton Foundation
Elizabeth and John Ey
James and Mary Lu Flynn
Calvin and Cathy Frank
Michael A. Gardner
Sandrena Gillaspy
Lynn and David Goldenberg
Lynne Hamilton
Ms. Tracy Holly
Steve and Kate Hone
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Jones
Michael Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knowles
Mike and Chris Kopec
Daniel & Jennifer Light
Bill and Jackie Lockwood Foundation
Margie Mahle
Joan Manzo
Ildiko Marcus
Bruce and Ann Martino
Steve and Lou Mason
Col. Jack and Mary Jane McCormick
Bruce McNaughton
David and Norma Mears
Dale and Karen Medford
Travis and Shannon Michalak
Miller Valentine Group
Carol Ann Miller
John and Mary Miltenberger
Montgomery County Arts & Cultural District

Christy Nicolas
Tim and JoAnne Otto
Jeanette and Jim Patton
PNC Bank
Gary and Barbara Poleskey
Dominick and Peg Rinaldi
David Rothschild
Don and Marcy Schade
William and Diane Schaff
Col. Byron Schatzley and Carol Graff
Beverly and Richard Scherack
The Schiewetz Foundation
Martha and Mark Shaker
Julie and Mark Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Spurlino
State of Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
Gary and Sharon Streby
Taylor Communications
Paula Trimbach
Nancy and Rick Vogel
B. J. Wack
Paul and Susanne Weaver
Judith and Fred Weber
Gerry and Lynda Weitz
Darden and Debbie Whitaker
Ruth Wiles
Walt and Marcia Wood
The Wyse Family Foundation

Looking out from behind a singular illuminated light bulb on the Schuster Center stage