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Day Of Giving

For all of us who have fond memories of enjoying the arts and entertainment in Dayton Live’s (formerly Victoria Theatre Association) buildings, it is hard to imagine what attending performances in the future will be like. Along with theatres across the world, our stages have been dark for the past 15 weeks, our performing arts organizations silent. Our industry in Dayton is facing a multimillion-dollar loss through the end of the calendar year.

nullIn an industry first, we have joined forces with other not-for-profit arts organizations who perform in our venues for a unique fundraising event on June 25, 2020, called Day of Giving: Preserving the Heart of Live Performance. A completely virtual fundraiser via social media (Facebook and Instagram @DaytonLive365) and this website.

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Dayton Dance Initiative, Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus, Dayton Live (formerly Victoria Theatre Association), Dayton Performing Arts Alliance (Dayton Ballet, Dayton Opera, and Dayton Philharmonic), and The Human Race Theatre Company are all participating in this important initiative. Join us for a day celebrating theatre, dance, music, song and entertainment!

Make A Difference for Dayton’s Performing Arts!

We invite you to help spread the word about the Day of Giving by liking, sharing, and commenting throughout the day.

Day Of Giving Schedule

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Day of Giving Leadership Support provided by PNC Bank, with additional support from The Schiewetz Foundation and Key-Ads.


Day Of Giving Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

Rooted in the African-American experience, the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company is a culturally diverse contemporary dance company committed to reaching the broadest audience through exceptional performance and arts-integrated education.

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Day Of Giving Dayton Dance Initiative

Dayton Dance Initiative

Dayton Dance Initiative is an independent collective of professional dancers that provides Dayton artists a platform to collaborate and create, and broadens Dayton’s interaction with dance.

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Day Of Giving Dayton Gay Men's Chorus

Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus

The Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus sings to inspire, encourage, and sustain excellence in the choral arts and to achieve a gay-affirming presence in the greater Miami Valley.

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Day Of Giving Dayton Live

Dayton Live

Dayton Live (formerly Victoria Theatre Association) strengthens community engagement in the arts through inspiring performances, educational opportunities, and world-class venues as the primary host and presenter for performing arts in the region.

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Day Of Giving Dayton Performing Arts Alliance

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance

The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance was formed in July 2012 as the result of a groundbreaking and innovative merger between the Dayton Ballet, the Dayton Opera, and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Day Of Giving Human Race Theatre Company

The Human Race Theatre Company

The Human Race Theatre Company is Dayton’s professional regional theatre company, exploring the human experience and promoting enlightenment, inclusion and understanding through quality entertainment.

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