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Mattias Klum photo by Mattias Klum
Dayton Live Presents

Photographer Mattias Klum: The Planet In Our Hands

Mar 24, 2024

Victoria Theatre


Through dramatic images and heart-stopping tales of facing down an Asiatic lion, embedding with a tribe of meerkats, stalking deadly vipers, and nearly getting burned alive atop a hot air balloon over a dense Amazon jungle, photographer, cinematographer, and director Mattias Klum tells the story of planet Earth as the truly complex system it is. A masterful storyteller, he weaves humor, beauty, and wonder into each talk, earning him a cult following and reminding us that what we have is worth saving.

As a photographer, cinematographer, and director, Mattias Klum has undertaken projects and expeditions around the globe—from Malaysia to Antarctica and everywhere in between. His work has been featured in leading publications, such as The New York Times and BBC Wildlife. Since 1997, Mattias has developed numerous articles and 13 cover stories for National Geographic magazine. His photographs have been shown in renowned museums and galleries globally and at major worldwide events such as the UN Climate Change Conference. Among his awards and honors include a medal from Sweden’s king. A 2011 Goodwill Ambassador for IUCN, Mattias is a WWF Sweden board member and fellow of the National Geographic Society, Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Linnean Society of London. He has an honorary doctorate in natural science from Stockholm University and has published 17 books and produced 12 films.

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Mattias Klum. Photo by Mattias Klum.
Elephant. Photo by Mattias Klum.
Yawn. Photo by Mattias Klum.
Cub. Photo by Mattias Klum.

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Mattias Klum photo by Mattias Klum
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Elephant photo by Mattias Klum Yawn photo by Mattias Klum Cub photo by Mattias Klum


Mar 24, 3:00PM
Mar 24