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An actress on stage in Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella
Dayton Live Presents

Discovery: Cenicienta - A Bilingual Cinderella Story

Mar 8, 2024

60 Minutes

No Intermission


Ten-year-old Belinda is a budding poet and loves to tell stories, but when she’s stuck in the basement preparing for a party upstairs that her stepmother and stepsisters will host, she’ll have to get creative. Belinda re-enacts the classic tale of Cinderella, using whatever objects are at her disposal: napkins, teapots, and doilies, to name just a few. With these everyday items, a healthy dose of imagination, and a love of poetry passed down by her father, Belinda imagines a bigger world for herself. She must learn to stand up for herself and take charge of her life and dreams. This captivating bilingual performance is a modern spin on the beloved fairy tale and tackles cultural heritage, family, and the power of language.

Written by Caroline Reck and Rupert Reyes. Produced by Glass Half Full Theatre.

Resource Guide

Resource Guide coming soon!

Academic Standards Met

English/Language Arts: RL.K.3; RL.K.9; RL.1.3; RL1.9; RL.2.1; RL.2.3; RL.2.9; RL.3; RL.3.3; RL.3.4; RL.4.3; RL.4.6; RL.4.7
Social Studies: History Strand: Historical Thinking and Skills; Geography Strand: Places and Regions
National Core Arts Standards: TH:Re7.1.K; TH:Re7.1.1; TH:Re7.1.2; TH:Re7.1.3; TH:Re7.1.4; TH:Cn10.1.K; TH:Cn10.1.1; TH:Cn10.1.2; TH:Cn10.1.3; TH:Cn10.1.4; TH:Cn11.1.K; TH:Cn11.1.1; TH:Cn11.1.2; TH:Cn11.1.3; TH:Cn11.1.4; TH:Cn11.2.K; TH:Cn11.2.1; TH:Cn11.2.2; TH:Cn11.2.3; TH:Cn11.2.4

Age Recommendation

Best for grades K-4.


We recognize that the heart of an arts organization will always be the people we bring together and experiences we share.

The 11:30 a.m. performance will be sign interpreted and/or audio described upon request. Please indicate your need for interpreted and/or audio description on your Discovery order form or let the ticket agent know at least two weeks before the performance. Please understand that while we will make every effort to make reasonable accommodations, certain requests may not be able to be honored.

For detailed accessibility information, including seating, audio, and sign interpretation please visit our Accessibility page.

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An actress on stage in Cenicienta: A Bilingual Cinderella


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