Rike’s Bricks

In 1999, the Rike’s department store at the corner of Second and Main was imploded to make way for the building of a dream: the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center. Bricks from Rike’s demolition were saved as keepsakes and sold to raise funds for the new building. These bricks are representative of not only an early era of downtown Dayton, but an investment in the future, a new thriving downtown Dayton performing arts district with the Schuster Center as its crown jewel. Twenty years later, these bricks – with a special numbered plate commemorating both the Rike’s building and the building of the Schuster Center – are available again to support Dayton Live, the owners and stewards of the magnificent Schuster Center.

Length – 8″
Width – 2.5″
Height – 4″

$50 (These bricks are too heavy to ship! After you’ve placed your order, please call 937-228-7591 and press 0 to schedule a time to pick yours up!)

Rike's Brick Front

Rike's Brick Back

Rike's Brick